Why we need Creativity, Personal Growth, writing, and Leadership

Why Paper Wings?


I don’t know about you, but I want to maximize everything about being alive— in business and life. Creativity is one way to access the intersection of self-actualization and awareness, ideas that matter and stick, and solidify the outward manifestation of YOUR personal power.

Writing is one way to witness your life— to document the inner workings of your mind, your feelings and knowledge, and the lived experiences that have mattered the most to you. We all have a story to tell, but it’s often not exactly the one you think. Your story fuels how you operate on a daily basis— how you lead in life and business— BUT! What if understanding and shaping your story could help you operate with more energy, nerve, and confidence?

Personal growth has been proven, over and over again, as the one thing that defines successful leaders from ho-hum worker-bees. Personal growth can be fun! It involves creative brain-scratchers that bring forth differing internal perspectives and ideas, organically fuels innovation and/or entrepreneurship, and helps ease daily frustrations of fatigue, imposter syndrome, and/or feeling like you are simply a function of work duties.

My definition of leadership is not a firm statement, but rather a rhetorical question: Do you desire to influence others around you in positive ways AND have decision-making abilities and resources that could impact someone’s livelihood? Yes?

Welcome to leadership.

Understanding how you lead and what you want to impact and create in the world is a process and a journey. Under my wing, we celebrate the beauty, laughter, joy, melancholy, ache, and difficulty of being in leadership positions while striving to create something of value to the marketplace of business, ideas, or social do-goodery.

Creativity, writing, strategizing, growing internally, and innovating is how we rise. Trust me, in this work, together is better.

Through Paper Wings, you can write, dream, engage, build businesses and nonprofits, publish your work for mass audiences, and/or create the life of your dreams.

See you on the other side- Katie