Team Building & Professional development

You want your team to communicate better, understand their individual and collective strengths, and connect on a deeper level. Easy peasy- give me a day.



You have a story as a leader. Each member of your team has a story. Your company has a story. How do those stories speak to each other? Or do they at all?

Often in professional settings, we have identified our strengths through programs similar to Gallup’s Strength Finders, but did you ever wonder why that is your strength? What personal and professional moments have lead to these stellar traits?

Wouldn’t it be great to break bread with your team and spend a day bonding by uncovering the stories that define and accelerate your collective work?

Or maybe you just want your team to have a fun day doing something wicked creative and cool.

Both? Cool. That’s what I thought.

This work requires that we co-design an amazing day for your team. We’ll talk goals, problems, and what break-through moments you hope to witness.

Rates start at $1500


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