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Sumptuous #5: Squinting & Twisting the Kaleidoscopes of Life

How do you see the world? Through rose-colored glasses? Or is it through a kaleidoscope of events, emotions, and personal truths? Let’s explore the way the cookie crumbles, how the chips fall, and what we try desperately to control and perfect (but often can’t). Let’s explore letting go, cameras and filters, and how your aesthetic fuels and builds your world.

You’ll leave with written work that is ready to be expanded and a gift that keeps you on the writing journey until we meet again.

Catered gourmet lunch and drinks are provided. Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten-Free options available.

Time: House opens at 10:30 for getting settled & housekeeping; hard start at 11 am; end by 3:30 to continue your Sunday.

Location: Private home in Fair Oaks, Ca. (Address will be provided in your welcome email).

Materials: All materials and supplies are provided.

Take-Aways: Each guest receives a special take-away to keep them generating new writing and revision exercises to polish what’s been written.

Cost: $145

Space is limited. Registration closes September 16, 2019.