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Sumptuous #4: We Are All Alone, Together

The power of story lies in its uniqueness and universality. How do we share resonate stories that show the wholeness of our lives, while connecting to a bigger truth? We often feel alone on our side of the valley, but when we dare to leap the canyons of fear, shame, resentment, self-doubt… we can find others- survivors, friends, and mentors. This is about the individual and collective, the need for tribes and puddle-jumping, and how we tether ourselves to anchors (for better or worse). Let’s share, specifically, what this life means to us.

You’ll leave with written work that is ready to be expanded and a gift that keeps you on the writing journey until we meet again.

Catered gourmet lunch and drinks are provided. Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten-Free options available.

Time: House opens at 10:30 for getting settled & housekeeping; hard start at 11 am; end by 3:30 to continue your Sunday.

Location: Private home in Fair Oaks, Ca. (Address will be provided in your welcome email).

Materials: All materials and supplies are provided.

Take-Aways: Each guest receives a special take-away to keep them generating new writing and revision exercises to polish what’s been written.

Cost: $145

Space is limited. Registration closes August 12, 2019.