What’s a StoryLab?


“Katie is the consummate teacher, mentor, and role model. Her classes effortlessly taught me how to channel my inner writer within a safe and collaborative community. She fosters a fun, energized, and dynamic learning environment sure to appeal to all ages.” —Stacy McAfee, President and CEO of University College of the Cayman Islands (former VP of University of the Pacific)


It’s called a lab because writing your story requires the right space, energy, and inspiration. Like being in a Petri dish, you will evolve and grow as a writer by experimenting with your voice and memory.

In these Petri dishes, you will excavate the stories that have mattered in your life, remember forgotten stories, and illuminate their meaning.

In these labs, you will listen to the powerful stories of others, understand how stories work and why, and leave affirmed, energized, and prepared to continue this creative path… even in the busyness of your everyday life.

There is immense power in understanding how your stories impact how you work, lead, parent, and/or play. You will grow professionally and personally.

A Story Lab fills your creative cup with juicy goodness to carry you through to the next Paper Wings experience.

People attend for all kinds of reasons:

  • Witness their lives on the page

  • Scribble down all those funny anecdotes from the years

  • Hone their story for personal or professional reasons

  • Create a legacy book for their family and friends

Details: Story Labs are offered 6 times annually, on Tuesday Nights, in the Sacramento region, typically near Fair Oaks. Everything you need is provided—just show up in what makes you comfortable. This isn’t a business conference, nor a networking opportunity. You’ll cultivate relationships (trust me) but they won’t be solely transactional. You can share what you’ve written, or not, it’s entirely up to you and is a pressure-free environment.

Cost: SOLD OUT. $85 per session; 6 sessions per year. Subscribe to the entire series for a special price of $450. Space is limited to 18 participants. Scholarships are available for 2 people (contact Katie). 2019 Dates: SOLD OUT.

Time: Opens at 4:30; Hard start at 5 pm; Close at 8 pm.

What we write about varies each session, with two main themes that dovetail nicely so that you can write either one piece/chapter, or two separate pieces/chapters. In addition, you will write notes, lists, and/or other vignettes to keep you working until we meet again. Hint: If you’re working on a book and attended all 6 sessions… you’d create 12 different pieces that could be expanded into 12 chapters (whoa, that’s enough material for whole a book! I know. I designed the workshop that way).

By writing about the life you have and have had… you can write your way into the future you want.

By writing about the life you have and have had… you can write your way into the future you want.

“Katie McCleary is not only a wonderful writer, but she is also a generous, inspiring teacher.  She pushes you to just write! Once the words are on the page, she lovingly guides you through a critique that makes you want to be a better writer.” — Stephanie McleMore Bray, Fiction Writer and CEO UnitEd Way california Capital region