Paper Wings offers leadership and writing coaching, writing workshops, team building, and other creative experiences and encounters that enhance personal development and growth, seeds new ideas, and puts personal power into positive impact.

Paper Wings coaches people who want more creativity, personal reflection, leadership skills, and self-growth in their busy lives.

Katie McCleary, creator of Paper Wings, is a seasoned facilitator, founder of the nonprofit 916 Ink, a successful entrepreneur, and sought after public speaker and coach. She has over 17 years of engaging people from all backgrounds to think more creatively, strategically, and with vision and purpose.


Coaching for Leaders, Teams, Writers, and Community

What can Paper Wings do? From giving story-based, high energy keynotes to hungry audiences to coaching busy leaders to create impact to facilitating a team day where colleagues bond over individual stories and collective strengths… Paper Wings is entrenched in creative living for life and business. Or maybe you just want to pick our brains about the varied paths to living a more creative and passionate life, or what it takes to start a nonprofit, or how to raise thousands of dollars overnight, or which publishing path to choose for your book. Our leader, Katie McCleary, and her team have been around the block a few times. Let’s see what paper planes we can fly together.

StoryLabs and Sumptuous Sundays

It’s called a lab because writing your story requires the right space, energy, and inspiration. Like being in a Petri dish, you will evolve and grow as a writer by experimenting with your voice and memory. Let’s get to the root of you.

A Sumptuous Sunday gathers people who identify more with the feminine side of their life. Here, we write—with courage—about the wholeness of our lives. We think about the kaleidoscope of the feminine experience. I designed this for the workaholic, stressed-out woman I was and for the woman I became.