Leadership Coaching

You need someone to keep you accountable, engaging in ideas that matter, and inspired to try new things for yourself and your team. You need me to help you honor your story and wisdom (and avoid falling into imposter syndrome, overwhelming fatigue, and tail-spinning dives of self-doubt and frustration #beentheredonethat).


“Katie has been truly a magical outlet for me… a journey of empathy, creativity, and stillness. The compassion and commitment I’ve received has been top of the line and perfect for my unforgiving schedule.” - Dr. michael Marion, Jr., Chief, Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education for the State of California 


Why do budding leaders need creative personal growth strategies to execute vision, social innovations, and entrepreneurial ideas? Because creative-based, personal growth coaching is a path to achieving self awareness, amplifying your story, executing your vision, and becoming a leader of leaders.

All the pop-culture memes and advice about visioning your life and manifesting your dreams is often oversimplified. It works, but only when you know who you are and have a solid plan to achieve your vision. Creatively engaging with me and my set of tools is a journey of self-understanding and personal development with the focus on the impact you create in your business, organization, and/or within your team.

I can be a confidant for you. I promise to:

  1. Keep you engaging with purpose, passion, and vision;

  2. Provide accountable deadlines that fit your busy life;

  3. Strategize about the execution of tasks and skills needed to achieve your goals;

  4. Help birth your BIG idea and the longterm strategy to its longterm success ;

  5. Connect you to some amazing leaders and resources who can help you out on your journey.

Coaching Packages:

  1. Monthly Coaching: You will be connected to a project management platform to keep you accountable for the work we do together. We regularly communicate weekly via text and email to make sure you’re meeting your goals. We meet monthly face to face for check-ins and creative “brain-scratching” activities. I tailor this experience based on your schedule and needs. Rates start at $300 and up.

  2. Pick my Brain: $145 per hour. This is for the person who saw me speak, heard me on the radio, Googled me, or met me briefly. We can talk serial entrepreneurship, leadership, writing, publishing, the weighty world of nonprofits, starting a social venture, weight loss, bariatric surgery, or whatever you need to launch the next best version of yourself.