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StoryLab #2: The Unexpected Journey & How We Forever Change

What journeys have you been through? What do you intrinsically know about a path you’ve walked, that maybe nobody else does? These stories are about finding yourself in the unexpected and being tested in a way that changed you forever. Let’s explore ideas of what journeys we’re called upon and why, transformation, tests of courage, non-linear paths, and what it means to be forever changed.

You’ll leave with written work that is ready to be expanded and a gift that keeps you on the writing journey until we meet again.

Catered gourmet lunch and drinks are provided. Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten-Free options available.

Time: House opens at 10:30 for getting settled & housekeeping; hard start at 11 am; end by 3:30 to continue your Friday.

Location: Private home in Fair Oaks, Ca. (Address will be provided in your welcome email).

Materials: All materials and supplies are provided.

Take-Aways: Each guest receives a special take-away to keep them generating new writing and revision exercises to polish what’s been written.

Cost: $145

Space is limited. Registration closes February 23, 2019.